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What is MUCLM
MUCLM is webbased LDAP manager with a high level of customization.
The aim is to provide the most comfortable web-based tool for LDAP management.

You may modify and extend the way you edit your LDAP objects, no matter what they are, define predefined search templates and much more.

The project is written in PHP and Javascript (AJAX)

MUCLM also has a script engine which allows you to turn any shell script into a MUCLM plugin.

&bull Easy installation and deployment
&bull Drag drop object from anywhere to anywhere
&bull Edit several objects simultaniously without effecting the LDAP server
&bull Easily create objects from predefined templates
&bull Use and define your own editing forms for your objects
&bull Built-in script engine (plugins)

MUCLM tests
&bull Successfuly tested on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 and 7
&bull Successfuly tested with OpenLDAP and Fedora Directory Server
&bull Successfuly handled a directory containing over 1500 users, 1200 groups and 3000 computer objects

Getting MUCLM
You can get MUCLM from the
sourceforge-project site Logo Logo

Deploying MUCLM

MUCLM is a web based application and hence requires a suitable web server and browser.
Web server requirements

&bull A PHP (version 4 and above) supporting Web server
&bull PHP support for LDAP functions (Verify your PHP settings with 'phpinfo()')

Browser requirements
&bull Javascript support, including AJAX (XMLHTTPRequest object)
&bull Support for CSS (Version 1 and above)

Deployment stages


Unpack MUCLM to a directory under your web server's web root

Setting file permissions

Make sure that all MUCLM files are readable to your web service

Post configuration and extending MUCLM

MUCLM can be easily extended and enhanced in the way you search, edit and create objects.
For more information about extending MUCLM review relevant sections in the MUCLM documentation


Editing a user

Editing a group

The generic editor


Quick search

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